When companies need skilled and experienced leadership to guide and manage strategic changes or fill a leadership gap, Seevinck Executive Management can provide the critical executive and non-executive management services to ensure success.

Seevinck’s services can be employed for a wide variety of business challenges. His vast amount of experience in business development as well as industry-specific expertise in the maritime industry, make him particularly suited to guide and support international maritime companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in The Netherlands.

With 20+ years of experience, Seevinck Executive Management can offer the necessary general and strategic management and high-quality leadership at board level to deliver results for your organization. In addition, Seevinck can provide specialized expertise in the areas of:


  • Finance & Accounting: ensuring the highest level of stewardship of the organization’s finances, ranging from financial risk management to financial planning as well as providing high-level strategic management advice. Accounting advisory to ensure that your resources are fully accounted for and deployed in the most efficient way possible.
  • Corporate Restructurings: providing strategic guidance, clear, practical advice, and conducting legal proceedings to ensure the smooth implementation of corporate restructurings of any complexity and guarantee that the new organization is fit for purpose and set up for success.
  • Tax & Legal: delivering comprehensive legal services & advisory as well as corporate tax advisory to ensure that your organization is meeting legal requirements while also balancing business interests.
  • Compliance: providing strategic guidance and leadership to ensure that your organization has a full understanding of compliance requirements and is meeting relevant industry regulations and government legislation in an increasingly complex environment.

With a focus on delivering the highest standards of excellence and results, Seevinck is able to deliver the critical leadership for the strategic change you envision.

Working with Seevinck Executive Management, allows your organization to quickly tackle a critical business challenge by bringing in the high-level leadership needed while maintaining the highest level of flexibility for your organization. Small and nimble, Seevinck can offer you a unique combination of management services and capabilities. This ensures organizational value for money, a high level of flexibility, and efficiency, both in terms of speed and spending.

Seevinck does so by

  • Working closely with your organization’s leadership to ensure that key deliverables are clearly defined and met on time.
  • Using his vast experience and expertise in an effective management approach to solving critical business challenges.
  • Leveraging a wide network of personal relations that include many of the key players in the maritime industry, sizable Dutch companies, large management and accounting firms, and leading legal firms globally as well as regionally (Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America).
  • A strong dedication to meeting your organizational needs and a laser-tight focus on providing the highest standards of excellence in the shortest time possible.

Seevinck Executive Management would be pleased to further discuss your organizational needs.

For further information on Bert Seevinck, Seevinck Executive Management’s founder, please visit his About page.