Seevinck Executive Management Services was founded by Bert Seevinck, a highly qualified management professional with 20+ years’ experience in international companies, with a particular focus on the maritime industry.

Seevinck has developed a wide range of specializations during his extensive career in international management. His expertise covers the areas of general management, finance, accounting, corporate restructurings, corporate tax, legal, compliance and human resources.

Over the years Bert Seevinck’s work has included a broad spectrum of general management issues, international (re)structurings and reorganizations, and advice on complex corporate tax and legal issues, antitrust and other financial compliance matters.

As a seasoned legal expert, he has often been at the negotiation table, brokering deals with trade unions, governmental organizations, and over 100 private settlements globally. He has also developed compliance programs (Antitrust, FCPA, RICO and Harassment) for large companies, given training, and produced guidelines and manuals for higher level management executives. His work has moreover also included projects on ship financings and complex financing structures (lease and equity funds).

Seevinck started his career in company and tax law, with longstanding functions at both KPMG and Zurel, and eventually as General Counsel at Jo Tankers Group, world’s largest chemical parcel tanker operator. It is at Jo Tankers Group where he started broadening his scope of work, serving as the director of all Dutch, German and Luxemburg locally owned companies of the Group.

In 2006 he went on to establish Seevinck Executive Management Services, where his appointments have included a wide variety of interim executive and non-executive roles, including notable long-term assignments at Dockwise, world’s leading heavy transportation company, as well as Rolldock, where he served as Interim Chief Financial Officer. In 2013 he was appointed as the Dutch Director for Global Offshore Services BV to scale up their business operations.

For further information on Bert Seevinck’s career history, please visit his LinkedIn Profile.